Why Plant Organic Seeds In Your Garden

by Chad Perry

Are you planning to create a garden at home? Are you thinking of growing your favorite flowers, fruits and vegetables? If you do, it is advised that you look for seedlings to plant. In your search for the right seedlings, it is better to get organic seeds than the usual seedlings that are packed and sold in the market. It is because organic seeds are produced in the natural manner and there are no chemicals added to produce it.

Using natural products is very important because it is safe for our health. Products that are made with additional chemicals for preservation are genetically modified so that it can be produced and grown faster. This can be harmful to our health especially if it is used for a long time because it can contribute to development of many diseases.

If you want safe food that is full of vitamins and minerals then buy only organic seedlings. You also have to use fertilizers that have no chemical additives if you want to ensure that you grow risk-free vegetables, fruits or crops. But, you need to add more to your budget because such natural products are not cheap in the stores.

Before you start planting, gather all the materials you need so you can finish your faster and easier. Select a good location to place the plant and ensure that it has fair environmental temperature so that it will not affect the plant's growth. Select also a good soil to nurture your plant healthy.

After all the preparation, plant the seedlings by burying it enough and not too deep. You may also use a pot for planting and you can transfer the plant later on when it's already big. Water the plants in the garden lightly and expose it to enough sunlight so it will be nurtured well.

If the seedlings have grown into plants, keep it safe by putting some fence around it. There are many household animals that might eat it or destroy it therefore, be sure to provide some protection. Watch out for plant pests and if you found some, spray organic pesticides to keep the pests away. This natural pesticide is sold in stores selling agricultural materials.

By using organic seeds, you are sure to get good harvests that are safe and healthy. It's chemical-free and it has all the nutrients needed because it is not genetically modified. Now you can make your favorite salad at home by picking fresh fruits and vegetables in your garden that is all-safe and natural.

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The Job of the Antique Furniture Restorer by DataFlat

It is widely believed that English antique furniture was largely influenced by European furniture design as the earliest known period in English antique furniture represents the Tudor age, which was influenced by European styles. Antique furniture shows high degrees of craftsmanship, certain designs and unique features makes the furniture desirable. Furniture needs informed care and it's important to remember that the beauty of wood furniture evolves from how the wood is used and cared for as it ages. A true antique conservator is someone who is interested in maintaining the condition of his artifact, and provides proper antique care to prevent further deterioration. Well looked after antique furniture will ensure its preservation and will enhance its value.

The best way to protect the finish of your furniture is to seek the services of professional antique restorers. Antique restorers, furniture designers, and furniture restorers, work solely with antique furniture, while others also conserve and restore works of art, historic artifacts, or documents in addition to antique conservation. Richard Marshall-Evans is one the foremost restorers of antique furniture and ceramics in Western Europe, restoring and repairing all forms of antique furniture, mirrors, glassware and tableware using original materials and techniques that are analogous to their period of manufacture. The methods of antique furniture repair have changed over the years.

A good patina is crucial for the preservation of historically valuable antique furniture's but they should not be cared for or repaired in the same manner as modern home furnishings as the use of polishes and adhesives can have adverse effects. The British Antique Furniture Restorers' Association is the foremost national organization which seeks to act as a bridge between qualified conservator restorers and those who love antique furniture. It was founded in 1979 and has been providing highest standards of furniture conservation and antique repair since. The association aims to safeguard the interests of owners and buyers of antique furniture and the antique trade. SearchMe4 is a local information and online business directory that contains the contact details of the UK antique restorers.

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Processing Food - Is it Really Bad for Your Health?

By John Tyrell

Let's take a look at food processing & preservation and see just what's involved with these techniques.

Food Processing is a technique used to convert raw food into eatable food (or as I like to call it, REAL food). Let me give you an example. Take a raw chicken and convert it into chicken nuggets - Your food processing is complete. Kids especially would much rather prefer the nuggets as compared to the raw thing. So basically, food processing is used to make products more marketable and consumer friendly. As for food preservation; it is one method to slow down food spoilage. The main function is to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi and other organisms harmful for consumers.

Basically, the food processing industry uses both these methods to give us (the consumers) a nutritious, easy to store and easy to cook product. A number of methods are used to get the final preserved product e.g. drying, freezing, vacuuming etc. and some of them are discussed below:

Lowering the temperature: Refrigerating or freezing is probably the most common method used, especially at home. It takes some time for food that is chilled or frozen to spoil. The cold temperature slows down bacterial action and therefore keeps your food unspoiled for longer. Freezing is even better, as the bacterial action reduces to a negligible amount when frozen.

Dehydration: Some foods need to be dehydrated for preservation e.g. dried fruits, dried vegetables, powdered milk etc. When foods are dried, bacteria will become inactive. So, foods in air-tight containers will last a long time.

Freeze-drying: This is a special method for drying and considered much better than dehydration as this does not affect the food's taste. This is widely used to preserve coffee and some fruits.

Salting: One of the oldest (one can call it ancient) methods for preservation of food (meats in particular) is salting it. This is because bacteria and other micro-organisms can't survive in a salty environment. In addition, if meat is salted in cold weather, it can last for years.

Sterilization: Using heat to kill bacteria is a very good method of food preservation. This method is not only used for food but also in a number of hospitals to clean/sterilize the surgical instruments. People in the third world countries boil milk (and even water in some cases) to make sure that it is bacteria free.

Vacuum Packing: This is based on removing all air around the product, therefore removing the one thing bacteria need to thrive. This is done with industrial food processing equipment which removes all the air in the packaging around the food, using a vacuum packer machine. Food is first heated to kill the bacteria and then sealed. Canning was the original method used, but nowadays plastic packaging is just as common.

The use of food processing machinery in itself is not necessarily a bad thing : The key factor to look at when making your food choices, is how the food has been processed and preserved, and what - if any - chemicals have been added to it. - 32200

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